Dr. Angelo Scuderi New President of UIP has a message for you

Message of the President

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are beginning a new era in the UIP with the launch of the new website.

Following the world trend, this website has been renovated and adapted to modern methods of communication through Internet.

This project is not already achieved, on the contrary, it is just getting started and it will require a lot of creativity of our webmasters and system operators.

The edition that is now being placed on line is just a beginning of development that needs to be constantly updated, welcoming criticisms and suggestions from those who want to improve UIP. So do not hesitate to send comments and your ideas because they are always more than welcome.

The main purpose of the web site is to facilitate and streamline communication between the different societies which compose the UIP and with the public who is not familiar with phlebology.

The first part of this website is meant for the lay community. Useful information about  venous diseases and their prevention will be displayed. It will also have a section dedicated to the catalogue database of affiliated physicians through their respective societies. Thus, anyone who needs a doctor active in the field of phlebology anywhere in the world will be able to find the name in the catalogue of UIP with all his/her personal data.

Another part will be dedicated to physicians who are affiliated with one or more UIP member societies. In this session, colleagues should complete a registration form with all his/her data and report to which society he/she belongs. Once signed in, people will receive a login and a password which let them enter a space only reserved  to registered people.

In this section people will find summaries of scientific articles published in the field of phlebology. Those articles can be entirely downloaded upon request to the editors.

We will also have a “chat” where the discussion and debates will be free to all the internet users. This will make our website an interesting and attractive scientific standpoint. It will also be possible to discuss the alternative diagnosis and treatments in rare or difficult cases.

The website also provides several “links” to other related agencies or member societies websites.

This work starts now and will certainly continue on forever.

We look forward to collaborating effectively in promoting the activities of the Union Internationale de Phlébologie and the scientific improvement.


Dr. Angelo Scuderi

President of UIP

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