Online Phlebology Education Modules

The UIP is proud and excited to introduce online phlebology educational modules to improve and standardize education and training in phlebology across the globe. The education modules are designed to provide a basic and standardized understanding of various aspects of phlebology. The modules will provide a structured and focused learning system to better prepare the trainees for fellowship or similar examinations in venous disease.

The online module system was developed as part of the Australasian College of Phlebology (ACP) training program under the auspices of the UIP. Each module covers a topic that is managed by an instructor who is a phlebologist. There is a total of 70 modules divided into:

Basic 18 modules
Advanced One 16 modules
Advanced Two 16 modules
Fellowship 20 modules

The online phlebology education modules will be available from the 1 February 2019.

Basic Sciences 1 Y1S1U1 Introductory Anatomy and Embryology Dr. Lisa Marks
Y1S1U2 Venous Physiology and Pathophysiology Dr. Anne Padbury
Patient Management 1 Y1S2U3 Clinical Diagnosis, Morphology and Classification Dr. Lisa Marks
Y1S2U4 Ordering and Interpreting Duplex Maps A/Prof. Kurosh Parsi
Y1S2U5 Developing a treatment plan – Indications for UGS, EVLA, RF, Surgery Dr. David Jenkins
Y1S2U6 Informed Consent, Medicolegal and Ethical issues Dr. Chris Lekich
Sclerotherapy 1 Y1S3U7 Sclerosing agents A/Prof. Kurosh Parsi
Y1S3U8 Sclerotherapy techniques Dr. Simon Thibault
Y1S3U9 Adverse effects and complications of Sclerotherapy Dr. Simon Thibault
Sclerotherapy 2 Y1S4U10 Biologic Interactions of Detergent Sclerosants Dr. David Connor
Y1S4U11 Advanced Sclerotherapy Techniques – UGS Dr. Peter Paraskevas
Y1S4U12 Laser Physics, Vascular Lasers and other Light Devices Dr. Elisabeth de Felice
Vascular Dermatology 1 Y1S5U13 Skin Manifestations of Chronic Venous Disease Dr. Adrian Lim
Y1S5U14 Lower Limb Oedema Dr. Mark Elvy
Y1S5U15 Diseases with Telangiectatic Manifestations Dr. Adrian Lim
Conservative Management Y1S6U16 Principles of Compression Therapy Dr. Andrew Stirling
Y1S6U17 Conservative Management with Venoactive Drugs and Supplements Dr. Paul Hannah
Course Review EP1 Course Review and Clinical Quiz Dr. David Jenkins
Patient Management 2 Y2S1U1 Patient Management A/Prof. Kurosh Parsi
Y2S1U2 Coagulation Testing, Thrombophilia and Antiphospholipid Screening Dr. David Connor
Y2S1U3 Tissue Diagnosis and Vascular Histopathology Prof. Steven Kossard
Venous Interventions 2 Y2S2U4 Anatomy- Areas of Special Interest Dr Chris Lekich
Y2S2U5 Anaesthesia in Phlebology Dr. Peter Paraskevas
Y2S2U6 Image-Guided Surgery in Phlebology Dr. Joseph Grace
Y2S2U7 Endovenous Thermal Ablation Dr. Stuart McMaster
Y2S2U8 Endovenous Non-thermal Ablation Dr. Peter Paraskevas
Vascular Dermatology 2 Y2S3U9 Vascular Dermatology A/Prof. Kurosh Parsi
Y2S3U10 Lower Limb Ulceration Dr. Mark Elvy
Y2S3U11 Non-venous Ulcers Dr. Adrian Lim
Y2S3U12 Wound Management Ms. Jenny Lekich
Venous Thrombosis 1 Y2S4U13 Haematology in Phlebology Dr. David Connor
Y2S4U14 Venous Thromboembolism Dr. Paul Hannah
Y2S4U15 Anticoagulation in Phlebology Dr. Stuart McMaster
Y2S4U16 Post Thrombotic Syndrome Dr. Stuart McMaster
Venous Interventions 3 Y3S1U1 Interventional Treatment of Non-saphenous Reflux Dr. Peter Paraskevas
Y3S1U2 Ambulatory Phlebectomy and Traditional Surgical Techniques Dr. Paul Dinnen
Y3S1U3 CHIVA/ASVAL Dr. Sergio Gianesini
Y3S1U4 Hand vein and Peri-orbital Vein Sclerotherapy Dr. Peter Paraskevas
Vascular Anomalies 1 Y3S2U5 Introduction to Vascular Anomalies Dr. Paul Hannah
Y3S2U6 Assessment of Patients with Vascular Malformations A/Prof. Kurosh Parsi
Y3S2U7 Pulsatile Varicose Veins, Popliteal Vein Aneurysm, Persistent Sciatic Veins Dr. David Jenkins
Y3S2U8 Venous Aneurysms Dr. Paul Dinnen
Pelvic Venous Insufficiency Y3S3U9 Pelvic Venous Anatomy Prof. Mark Meissner
Y3S3U10 Vulvar Veins Prof. Nicos Labropoulos
Y3S3U11 Pelvic Venous Insufficiency Dr. Sanjay Nadkarni
Y3S3U12 Ovarian Vein Embolisation Dr. Sanjay Nadkarni
Lymphatics Y3S4U13 Assessment for Lymphatic Disease Prof. Vaughan Keeley
Y3S4U14 Lymphoedema Prof. Neil Piller
Y3S4U15 Lipoedema: Surgical Interventions Dr. Chris Lekich
Course Review EP2 Course Review and Clinical Quiz Dr. David Jenkins
Scientific Approach Y4S1U1 Venous Outcomes Assessment Dr. Stuart McMaster
Y4S1U2 Writing a Scientific Article Dr. Paul Thibault
Y4S1U3 Critiquing Scientific Articles Dr. Andrew Stirling
Vascular Anomalies 2 (Elective) Y4S2U4 Cross Sectional Anatomy Dr. Luke Baker
Y4S2U5 Vascular Imaging Advanced: Angiography, Venography, CT, MR Dr. Luke Baker
Y4S2U6 Vascular Malformations and Paediatric Phlebology A/Prof. Kurosh Parsi
Y4S2U7 Vascular Malformations: Surgical and Endovascular Interventions A/Prof. Kurosh Parsi
Venous Compression and Occlusion 1 (Elective) Y4S3U8 Veno-occlusive Disease of Abdomen and Pelvis Dr. Sanjay Nadkarni
Y4S3U9 Venous Compression Syndromes and Venous Trauma Dr Ivor Berman
Y4S3U10 Superior Vena Cava Syndrome and Tumours of IVC and Iliac Veins Prof. Lourens Bester
Y4S3U11 Neck Vein Obstruction Dr. Paul Thibault
Venous Compression and Occlusion 2 (Elective) Y4S4U12 IVUS Dr. Laurencia Villalba
Y4S4U13 Deep Vein Obstruction and PTS Prof. Mark Meissner
Y4S4U14 Venous Stents Dr. Laurencia Villalba
Venous Thrombosis 2 Y4S5U15 Management of Acute VTE  
Y4S5U16 DOACS Prof. Harshal Nandurkar
Y4S5U17 Recurrent VTE Prof. Harshal Nandurkar
Y4S5U18 Vena Cava Filters Dr. Chris Rogan
Y4S5U19 Thrombolysis Dr. Luke Baker
Course Review EP3 Course Review and Clinical Quiz Dr. David Jenkins
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The user simply needs to login, read any prescribed articles or information as uploaded by the instructor and then complete an online assessment to pass that particular module. The instructors are happy to take questions and clarify salient points.

Subscription to the modules is for one-year access to all modules within the system. Trainees can determine at which pace they would like to continue through the program. Should you need more time to work through the modules you will need to subscribe for another year of access to the online modular system. Your one-year subscription will also provide you with access to the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) online library which will assist you in completing your online modules. The RSM online library access alone is valued at £260 which is included in your module subscription fee.

The fee for a one-year subscription to the online modules is $1,100.00 AUD. Should you wish to enroll into the modules and commence study straight away, please click on the link below to be taken to the Australasian College of Phlebology (ACP) module registration page. Once you enter all required information online and complete the payment, you will have access to the online modules.

Good luck and happy learning!