He is Director of vascular center of Nuova Villa Claudia in Rome;
– he was a full-time assistant-chief of Angiology Unite Care of the San Giovanni Hospital in Rome, as director of Operative Unit on no-invasive diagnostic procedures and of department;
– he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Clinical and Experimental Phlebology as vice-President for the period 2008-2010;
– he was General Secretary (from 1996 to 2001) and President (from 2002 to 2004) of Italian Society for Vascular Investigation;
– he was Secretary of Italian Society of Angiology and Vascular Medicine;
– he is President of Italian Society for Vascular Investigation;
– he is member of Executive Committee of Central European Vascular Forum;
– he is Associate Treasurer of Mediterranean League of Angiology and Vascular Surgery;
– he is honorary member of Argentina Society of Phlebology and Lymphology;
– he is Vice President for Europe of International Union of Angiology;
– he is Secretary of International Union of Phlebology and webmaster of its website;
– he is the coordinator on Editorial Committee of “Acta Phlebologica”, official journal on Italian College of Phlebology;
– he is member of Editorial Committee of International Angiology;
– he is Editor in Chief of the Open access journal “Journal of Vascular Diagnostics”
– he is teacher of Phlebology and Vascular Medicine in the courses of Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of University of Catanzaro from 2000 to the present;
– he was coordinator of the master on Angiology organized by Italian Society for Angiology and vascular medicine by Campus Biomedico university in Rome and at present coordinator of master in Angiology by “Università Sapienza” of Rome;
– he is coordinator for Italy of European Working Group on chronic venous disease classifications;
– he has written numerous reviews of courses, congresses and books on vascular fields;
– he has published numerous works on the various aspects of vascular diseases (more than 400 papers) moreover concerning the acute and chronic phlebological diseases.