UIP Congress Management – Letter to Member Societies

12 May 2019

Dear UIP Member Society Presidents,

The International Union of Phlebology (UIP) is delighted to invite all UIP member societies to bid to host the next UIP Congress in 2023.

The UIP Executive Committee is proud to introduce several significant initiatives with regards to the selection and management of UIP congresses. The re-structuring of the UIP World Congresses was approved by the UIP General Council in Rome in 2016. The re-structuring was proposed to ensure implementation and application of high scientific and organisational standards to all future UIP congresses. Key UIP industry partners and professional meeting organisers were consulted during the process.

The key initiatives include the following:

1. Designation

All future UIP Congresses will be designated as a UIP World Congress of Phlebology. The event will occur periodically every two years. This change has the full support of our key industry partners. Local Congresses and Chapter meetings under the auspices of the UIP will be encouraged.  

2. Event Management:

UIP is taking ownership of its congresses to ensure high academic, scientific and organisational standards in every UIP World Congress. This will also ensure continuity and a consistent level of service to congress delegates and industry partners. UIP will develop a blueprint for its meetings to be applied to all future congresses.

3. Core Professional Congress Organiser:

The UIP EC has appointed MCI, Event, Association and Congress Management company, as its Core Professional Conference Organiser (C-PCO) and global partner under a two-year contract.  This was following bids by several PCOs which included written submissions and face-to-face meetings with the UIP EC, and assessment of the experience and services of the individual companies.

MCI is based in Geneva, Switzerland but with over 60 offices in 31 countries MCI has a presence in many member countries of the UIP.


The role of the core PCO is to manage future UIP congresses and support the host society and the Local Organising Committee in the successful delivery of the event. This will ensure continuity and consistency and will allow replication of the congress blueprint in all future meetings.

4. Financial Management

UIP with the assistance of its core PCO will manage the event budget and will be responsible for the financial management of the meeting. This initiative will bring substantial benefits to both large and small UIP Society members wishing to bid to host the congress, as there is no requirement for the society to assume the financial risks and obligations nor to make any upfront funding.  As a standard condition, UIP will offer a 50% share of the profit of the congress to the host society. This takes away the financial risk of organising an event and is ideal for societies with fewer resources to step forward and bid to host the event.

Under agreed circumstances, the host societies may wish to offer a fixed fee for hosting the event as an alternative to the profit share model. This alternate model needs to be indicated during the bid process and will be considered as part of the destination comparison. This option may suit the larger societies that have to adhere to strict budgetary considerations to hold such large events. Ultimately, the UIP General Council will select the successful city.

5. Advantages for the Host Societies

The new changes will have multiple benefits for the host societies. A detailed list of services covered by the UIP C-PCO is included in the Bid Manual, underlining the benefits for the host society in terms of budget, not requiring upfront funds to host the event.  In this way the host society will have the chance of a more cost-effective and risk-free management of the meeting.

Other benefits of the C-PCO would be to assist with:

  • Delegate and industry database
  • Marketing
  • Website
  • Registrations management
  • Media contracts
  • Audio-visual Simultaneous translation contracts
  • Social events contracts
  • Travel organization of the invited speakers
  • Abstract publication relationship with Sage
  • Meeting budget report (in conjunction with the host society)

6. The Bidding Process

The bidding process will go forward under the new initiatives for the 2023 World Congress pending approval by the UIP General Council (GC) meeting to be held in Krakow, Poland. In addition, the vote by the GC in Krakow will determine if these initiatives are adopted for future congresses.

In case the GC will not approve the proposed bid format, as per Appendix of the UIP Constitution, Clause 3, it will be at the discretion of the UIP EC to negotiate a fixed fee for hosting the 2023 UIP Congress. The bidding societies will have the opportunity to proceed or not with the application.

We welcome bids to host the UIP World Congress in 2023, with bids to adhere to the bid timeline:

Official Announcement of the Call for Bids May 2019
Deadline for fully completed bids1 July 2019
Shortlisted destinations informed26 July 2019
Presentation of shortlisted destinations (in Krakow, Poland)25 August 2019
Final selection of successful destination28 August 2019
Official announcement of winning destination 30 September 2019

We hope to see several strong bids from eligible UIP member societies, under these new arrangements which will see benefits to both UIP and the host society alike.

Kind regards

Kurosh Parsi, MBBS, MSc (MED), PhD, FACP, FACD
International Union of Phlebology