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About the Auspices

UIP Auspices

About the Auspices

The UIP will give permission to use the official logo for courses, symposia or meetings that receive the auspices of the UIP. Meeting organisers may request recognition from and granting of auspices by the UIP under the following conditions:


The organisers of events will be required to send the request for auspices to the Executive Director of the UIP. The application must be in writing and must be accompanied by an English translation of the Scientific Program. The Executive Director will forward the application to the General Secretary and the Chair of the Science Committee for review and approval. Once approved, the Treasurer will invoice the organiser for the required fees. Auspices will not be granted until fees are paid in full.


Type of Society / Organization Fee
UIP-affiliated societies in Tier 3 countries €0 (no fee)
UIP-affiliated societies in Tier 2 countries €250
UIP-affiliated societies in Tier 1 countries €500
Non-UIP-affiliated, not-for-profit societies / organizations €1,000
For-profit, non-industry societies / organizations €1,500