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About the Auspices

UIP Auspices

The UIP will give permission to use the official logo for courses, symposia, or meetings that receive the auspices of the UIP.

The organizers of events will be required to send the request for the auspices to the President of UIP with a copy to the General Secretary.

The request should be in writing and accompanied by the Scientific Program.

Meeting organizers may request recognition from and granting of auspices by the UIP under the following conditions:

  1. The meeting is organized or endorsed by one of the following:
    1. UIP-affiliated societies in Tier 2/3 countries
    2. UIP-affiliated societies in Tier 1 countries
    3. Non-UIP-affiliated, not-for-profit societies / organizations
    4. For-profit, non-industry societies / organizations
  2. A program is submitted to the Scientific Committee and judged to have sufficient educational or scientific merit on veins and lymphatics to warrant the granting of UIP auspices.
  3. The conclusions of the Scientific Committee are approved by the President, General Secretary, and Vice President responsible for the region.
  4. The required fees (per the table below) are submitted to the Treasurer of the UIP.
Type of Society / Organization Fee
UIP-affiliated societies in Tier 3 countries €0 (no fee)
UIP-affiliated societies in Tier 2 countries €250
UIP-affiliated societies in Tier 1 countries €500
Non-UIP-affiliated, not-for-profit societies / organizations €1,000
For-profit, non-industry societies / organizations €1,500

Appendix revised and approved: Boston, September 2013, Seoul, August 2015; Rome, June 2016; Melbourne, February 2018; Cortina, January 2019