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Education Committee


Chair: Pauline Raymond Martimbeau


UIP Education Committee Members (2023-2025)

Pauline Raymond-Martimbeau (Chair, Canada)
Jinsong Wang (Deputy Chair, China)
Pier Luigi Antignani (Italy)
Chantal Aguero Wagner (Paraguay)
Rashad Bishara (Egypt)
Willy Chi (USA)
Jayanta Das (India)
Douglas Hill (Canada)
Matthieu Josnin (France)
Alberto Antonio Martinez Granados (El Salvador)
Erika Mendoza (Germany)
Shoaib Padaria (India)
Christopher Pittman (USA)
Evgeny Shaydakov (Russia)
Julianne Stoughton (USA)
Wassila Taha (Egypt)
Jean-Francois Uhl (France)
Fernando Vega (Mexico)
Takashi Yamaki (Japan)
Aldo Zamboni (Argentina)
Igor Zolotukhin (Russia)



UIP Education Committee Meeting: Miami, 2023

Mission and Objectives

The mission of the Education Committee (EdC) is to improve the standards of knowledge, education and training in phlebology for the benefit of medical practitioners and ultimately patients worldwide. An essential aim of the EdC is to promote recognition of phlebology as a multidisciplinary specialty of medicine and to gain specialist accreditation through universities and governmental authorities of member countries.

The objectives of the EdC include: 

  • To identify educational and training priorities of immediate and critical importance to phlebology; 
  • To design and conduct educational and training activities in phlebology; 
  • To further develop and update the UIP Curriculum; 
  • To further develop and contribute to the UIP online training courses and modules; 
  • To develop and award a Certificate of Knowledge based on the UIP curriculum and online modules; 
  • To plan and conduct educational and training activities during the UIP Congresses and Events; 
  • To plan and conduct other educational and training activities in phlebology as the Committee sees fit.


The activities of the UIP EdC will include:

  • To form sub-committees to focus on particular aspects of the UIP Curriculum to identify priorities, develop teaching and educational activities, contribute to the online modules, develop a Certificate of Knowledge and to update and publish the UIP Curriculum;
  • To design and propose educational and training activities to be conducted by Member Societies under the auspices of the UIP;
  • To conduct educational and training activities in countries where phlebology is underdeveloped.
  • To manage the educational component of the UIP Congresses and Events by
    • conducting workshops
    • educational sessions
    • masterclasses
    • other teaching and training activities as the committee sees fit.

Previous Education Committee Members (2020-2022)

Prof. Oscar Bottini (Chair),  Prof. José Antonio Díaz (Deputy Chair, USA), Dr Janna Bentley (Canada), Prof. Willy Chi (USA), Prof. Antonios Gasparis (USA), Dr Ravul Jindal (India), Dr Neil Khilnani (USA), Dr Luis Leon (USA), Dr Zaza Lazarashvili (Georgia), Prof. Armando Mansilha (Portugal), Prof. Giovanni Mosti (Italy), Dr Pauline Raymond-Martimbeau (Canada), Dr Luis Francisco Rodriguez Reyes (El Salvador), Prof. Roberto Simkin (Argentina), Dr Wassila Taha Elkashishi (Egypt), Dr Jorge Hernando Ulloa (Colombia), Prof. Jean F. Uhl (France), Prof. Tomasz Urbanek (Poland), Prof. Shenming Wang (China), Prof. Mark Whiteley (UK), Dr Takashi Yamaki (Japan)

Education Advisory Committee (2020-2022) 

Miguel Amore, Pier L Antignani, Luis Arias, Niels Bækgaard, Rashad Bishara, Juan Bombin, Javier Cabezas, Carlos Carvalho, Roberto Corbeta, Zhong Chen, Juan Chunga-Prieto, Marcelo Dandolo, Ayman Fakhri, Elena Goranova, Lorena Grillo, Ki-Pyo Hong, Ernesto Intriago, Nicos Labropoulos, Byung B Lee, Andres Marin R, Alberto Martinez Granados, Erika Mendoza, Makoto Mo, Hugo Navas, Shoaib Padaria, Alfredo Prego, Fabricio Santiago, Nuttawut Sermsathanasawadi, Javier Serralde, Evgeny Shaydakov, Carlos Simkin, Simon Thibault, Fernando Vega Rasgado, Gerardo Victoria, Marc Vuylesteke, Jingsong Wang, Igor Zolotukhin
Education Committee

Education Committee

The Education Committee will work on new educational profiles such as online courses designed by the previous Executive Committee in which members and delegates will have a teaching role (as coordinators or speakers).
Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

The UIP EC is committed to transparent and full disclosure of COIs by SC members in order to ensure high quality scientific conferences and research leading to trustworthy, evidence-based clinical practice.
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