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The UIP is proud and excited to introduce online phlebology educational modules to improve and standardise education and training in phlebology across the globe. The education modules are designed to provide a basic and standardised understanding of various aspects of phlebology. The modules provide a structured and focused learning system to better prepare trainees for fellowship or similar examinations in venous disease.

The online module system was developed as part of the Australasian College of Phlebology (ACP) training program under the auspices of the UIP. Each module covers a topic that is managed by an instructor who is an expert in the field. There is a total of 60 modules divided into:

Basic Year 1
Basic Sciences 1
Clinical Sciences
Venous Interventions 1
Patient Management
Advanced Year 2
Basic Sciences 2
Venous Interventions 2
Venous Thromboembolism
Conservative Management
Advanced Year 3
Pelvic Venous Insufficiency
Venous Interventions 3
Vascular Dermatology and Vascular Anomalies 1
Lymphoedema and Lipoedema
Fellowship Year 4
Venous Obstruction
Venous Interventions 4
Vascular Dermatology and Vascular Anomalies 2

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The user simply needs to login, read any prescribed articles or information as uploaded by the instructor and then complete an online assessment to pass that particular module. The instructors are happy to take questions and clarify salient points.


Subscription to the modules is for one-year access to all modules within the system. UIP registrants can determine at which pace they would like to continue through the program. Should you need more time to work through the modules you will need to subscribe for another year of access to the online modular system. Your one-year subscription will also provide you with access to the Royal Society of Medicine (RSM) online library which will assist you in completing your online modules. The RSM online library access alone is valued at £260 which is included in your module subscription fee (not included free registrations from tier 2 and 3 countries or for individual courses).

The fee for a one-year subscription to the online modules varies:

  ANZ UIP Tier 1 UIP Tiers 2 and 3
Australia and New Zealand All international nations except those in Tiers 2 and 3 These are developing nations as per the list here
Access all modules 1,590 AUD 1,590 AUD free*
Individual Courses (basic, advanced or fellowship) 590 AUD 590 AUD free*
It is expected that to complete the course you would require access to the RSM Online Library. Free access (Tier 2 and 3) or individual courses do not include this so would need to be organised by the individual registering or can be organised at the special rate negotiated by the ACP.

*all costs are + gst

Payments are charged in Australian dollars however there is a currency conversion on the payment page so you can see the conversion to your local currency.

Developing nations status must be approved prior to gaining access to the online education modules. This will take up to 72 hours from receipt of documents proving residency in a developing nation country.

Once all required information is entered online and the payment complete you will have access to the online modules.

If you have any questions about the online phlebology education modules, please email

Good luck and happy learning!


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