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UIP Engagement Working Group


Prof. Sergio Gianesini (Chair)
Prof. Larisa Cherunkha (Ukraine)
Dr Juan Chunga Pietro (Peru)
Dr Bahar Fazeli (Iran)
Dr Ahmed Gaweesh (UAE)
Dr Veronika Golovina (Russia)
Dr Ernesto Intriago (Ecuador)
Dr Shantonu Kumar Ghosh (Bangladesh)
Dr Lucy McKinnon (Australia)
Dr Maxim Shaydakov (Russia)
Dr Mandy Wong (Canada)

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  1. To promote operative engagement of young health professionals and trainees interested in Phlebology.
  2. To provide educational support and advocacy for the health professionals who are new in phlebology, whatever their age is.
  3. To develop proper UIP positioning and communication through the socials and the newsletter.


  1. The vision is developed through the creation of a UIP Engagement Working Group (UIP-EWG), whose members are elected by the UIP Executive Committee (EC), based on the requirements reported in this document. A call is to be made to all the UIP societies for suggesting potential members.
  2. Non UIP societies or individuals can apply, but, in case they are accepted in the working group, they must become UIP individual members or having their society applying for UIP membership.

UIP-EWG Membership Rules & Regulation

  1. Features
    1. UIP-EWG is constituted by 10 members. Five of them must be younger than 40 yo at the application time.
    2. Every continent (North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania) must have at least one delegate inside the committee.
    3. At least 3 members must be residents, trainees or practicing phlebology/lymphology for less than 3 years.
    4. At least 1 member must come from an underdeveloped country so to report the related needs.
    5. At least 3 members must have proven skills in social media/web use.
    6. At least 2 members must be female.
    7. UIP-EWG have the right of 1 hour session during the UIP world meetings to present their initiative results, to welcome new projects and to foster involvement of new members/collaborators of the same working group.
    8. Membership in the UIP-EWG lasts 2 years and can be renewed for other 2 years in case the majority of the EC supports it.
    9. EC can terminate the membership inside the UIP-EWG of a member demonstrating a conduct not appropriate to the vision and mission of the same UIP. To terminate the membership the majority of the UIP-EWG and of the EC is required, together with a written detailed explanation of the termination rationale.
    10. The chair of the committee is nominated among the EC members by the EC majority and he/she can serve for 2 years, eventually to be renewed for other 2 years by the EC majority vote.
  2. Candidate Approval
    1. The candidate must submit a detailed CV and statement of interest reporting also the skills for which he/she could be of help for the working group.
    2. The candidate must present a letter of recommendation written by at least one member of the EC or of the UIP Educational Committee or of the UIP Scientific Committee.
    3. The candidate is nominated inside the working group only after the approval of the majority of the EC.
  3. Requirements
    1. UIP-EWG can suggest projects to the EC. All the projects of the UIP-EWG must be approved by at least 3/4 of the EC. UIP can fund the project, provided 3/4 of the EC agrees. The funds are managed directly by the UIP EC. The project outcomes and a justification of the related used funds must be reported to the General Council by the UIP-EWG chair.
    2. The UIP-EWG must have conference calls or live reunions every 4 months. Minutes of these meetings are to be sent to the EC.
    3. The UIP-EWG must report the ongoing projects advancement to the EC every 4 months by a written document.
    4. Whatever educational or scientific initiative must be approved by the Educational and Scientific committee before being delivered to the EC for approval.

Proposed on June 27, 2019
Revision on September 29, 2019
Revision on October 11, 2019
Revision on October 18, 2019
Last Revision on October 21, 2019
Approved by the Executive Committee on October 30, 2019
Education Committee

Education Committee

The Education Committee will work on new educational profiles such as online courses designed by the previous Executive Committee in which members and delegates will have a teaching role (as coordinators or speakers).
Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee

The UIP EC is committed to transparent and full disclosure of COIs by SC members in order to ensure high quality scientific conferences and research leading to trustworthy, evidence-based clinical practice.
Announcing the UIP Engagement Working Group

UIP Engagement Working Group

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