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The History of the International Union of Phlebology / L’Union Internationale de Phlébologie



Presidents of the UIP

Name Country Incubency
Erich Kreig Fed. Rep of Germany   1959-1970
Hendrik R. van der Molen   The Netherlands 1971-1983
Jean van der Stricht Belgium 1983-1989
Andre Davy France 1989-1995
Georges Jantet France 1995-1999
Hugo Partsch Austria 1999-2003
Claudio Allegra Italy 2003-2007
Eberhard Rabe Germany 2007-2011
Angelo Scuderi Brazil 2011-2015
Nick Morrison USA 2015-2019
Kurosh Parsi Australia 2019-2023
Sergio Gianesini Italy 2023-2027


This portrait of the UIP Presidents was commissioned and unveiled during the Inaugural Award Ceremony of the UIP in Melbourne, Australia in February, 2018. It now resides in the UIP office.