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Another Phlebology International Phlebology Symposium

04 - 05 October 2024 Budapest, Hungary

Another Phlebology

4th International Workshop



13th Balkan Venous Forum meeting


With the support of UIP


4-5 October 2024

Hotel Mercure Budapest Castle Hill, Budapest, Hungary


New observations and modifications in the field of phlebology

Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to Budapest to participate in the 4th International Workshop called Another Phlebology.

This title dates back to times when new methods like ultrasound diagnostics and endovenous interventions were introduced. These techniques made significant changes in our discipline so it has become another phlebology. We stick to this title because the development hasn’t stoped.

We are focusing on new observations and personal modifications than repeating well-known results. We welcome your own ideas, instruments, diagnostic and treatment techniques, tips, experience and surveys in everyday practice. The aim is to encourage you to develop and show us your new or alternative ideas and techniques, not to denigrate them, because there have been too many misjudgements in the history of science. Preliminary reports can also be accepted for presentation. Discussions are important parts of our meetings.

We, the audiance together with each presenter will introduce a new evaluation score system the novelty factor. This will help us to find the best paper which will be awarded by a prize.

Main topics: sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, classic, CHIVA and ablative surgery (laser, radiofrequency, steam, glue, microwave, cryo and any other techniques), aesthetic phlebology, valve issues and solutions, crural ulcer treatment.

Further topics: pathophysiology and diagnostics of venous diseases, thrombosis, post-thrombotic complications and their treatment, catheter techniques, flavonoids, compression and other conservative therapies, venous malformations, lymphoedema, different interventions and varia.

Some special topics of the meeting:

  • tips and tricks of US examination
  • special problems on SSV
  • non lower limb varicosities (hands, face, chest)
  • glue closure of perforator veins
  • endovenous crossectomy
  • foam sclerotherapy issues
  • impact of patient factors on varicose vein surgery results
  • new results of CHIVA and other conservative surgical techniques
  • how can we combine different endovenous methods which blur US pictures
  • varicectomy if patent deep axial veins are missing
  • special issues in spider vein cases as AV microshunts, pigmentation etc.
  • DOAC treatment issues
  • LMWH or DOAC or nothing for VTE prophylaxis
  • factors facilitating spontaneous varicose vein bleeding
  • endovenous interventions on venous malformations
  • which sport activities are not recommended for venous patients
  • benefits of microwave surgery
  • when and how to treat pelvic congestion syndrome
  • scientific and/or financial considerations

Experiences of our former meetings: friendly atmosphere, we know each other (or will by the end of the meeting). Colleagues are present who like to teach and learn new ideas. No fear of saying something which is not accepted yet. Many of us are from Hungary or from surrounding countries. Not as expensive as other international meetings.

We welcome both well-known experts and new colleagues from all over the world, in an exchange of scientific practice and clinical experience.

We look forward to seeing you in Budapest, which is a busy city with several faces, so you will find some ways to relax. There are a lot of museums, archeological findings, special Hungarian restaurants, pubs  folk music, classic and contemporary concerts, excursions and walking tour possibilities, thermal baths, stunning view from different points of the city, etc.

Usually the Parliament, the Gellert hill, the Castle district, the Opera house and the Rock Hospital are recommended, but you can find several other interesting places.


Some of our former presenters:

P. L. Antigniani (Italy)

D. Borsuk (Russa)

K. Bozkurt (Greece)

L. Chernukha (Ukraine)

T.L. Eaton (USA)

A. Flor (Austria)

A. Frullini (Italy)

A. Giannoukas(Greece)

J-L. Gillet (France)

S. Kaspar (Czech Rep)

M. Kurtoglu (Turkey)

F. Lurie (USA)

R. Mattasi (Italy)

R. Milleret (France)

M. Parikov (Russa)

F. Passariello (Italy)

M. Patel (India)

T. Proebstle (Germany)

A. Puskas (Romania)

Ch. Ragg (Germany)

L. Rassmussen (Denmark)

Z. Rybak (Poland)

S. Padaira (India)

J. Serralde (Mexico)

T. Urbanek (Poland)

Z. Varady (Germany)

F. Vega (Mexico)

P. Zamboni (Italy)

F. Zernovicky (Slovakia)

T. Zubilewicz (Poland)


Local organisers:

G. Menyhei

Zs. Pecsvarady

A. Szabo

Gy. Szolnoky

T. Sandor

I. Rozsos


Prof. Imre Bihari PhD and Prof. Sergio Gianesini PhD

Chairs of the Workshop


Absract deadline 15 June 2024
Please send your email address if you are interested in the meeting.
We welcome to receive the title of your presentation(s) if you have one.

Further information:

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