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4th EVMI Meeting - Venous Association of India

13 - 14 July 2024 Kolkata, India

Outline of the training programme:

1. Lectures covering anatomy, physiological aspects of venous diseases.
2. Lectures covering Pathophysiology of varicose veins and DVT
3. Lectures covering management of PAD
4. Hands on demonstration on simulation model:
    i. USG guided vein puncture
    ii. Guidewire maneuvers
    iii. Vascular anastomosis and repair.
5. Live cases of: EVLA, RFA, Glue, MOCA, Angioplasty, CDT.
6. Special Compression station for compression garments and devices.
7. Special wound management session.



Dr. Harinder Singh Bedi (Past President VAI) Dr. K. Mukjerjee
Dr. Dheepak Selvaraj (Chairman, Governing Council, VAI)
Dr. Nirjhar Bhattacharjee
Dr. Sanjay Desai (President VAI) Dr. Binayak Sinha
Dr. Gulshan Jit Singh (Vice President VAI) Dr. Sumit Sengupta
Dr. Jayanta Das (Secretary VAI) Dr. S. Banerjee
Dr. Sunderaraj Saravanan (Past President VAI) Dr. Sukumar Maity
Dr. Pinjala Ramakrishna (Past President VAI) Dr. Diptendra Sarkar
Dr. Malay Patel (Past President VAI) Dr. Atanu Pal
Dr. Shoaib F Padaria (Past President VAI) Dr. Partha Sen
Dr Devendra B. Dekiwadia (Past President VAI) Dr. Mitali Agarwal
Dr. Ravul Jindal (Past President VAI, Vice President UIP)
Dr. Manoj Jain
Dr. Roy Varghese (Past President VAI) Dr. Saradwat Mukherjee
Dr. Robbie K George (Treasurer VAI) Dr. Avinebesh Chatterjee
Dr. Ajay Khanna (Member VAI) Dr. Angshuman Mukherjee
Dr. Tarun Grover (Member VAI)
Dr. R. Srikumar (Member VAI)
Dr. Shantanu Kr. Ghosh (Bangladesh)
Dr. Basar (Bangladesh)
Dr. Sandeep Raj Pandey (Nepal)
Dr. Nalka Gunsara (Srilanka)
Dr. Mogan Naidu (Malaysia)

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