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Survey on Post-Venous Ablation Management

Friday, 24 February 2023


Please consider completing the following survey sent to the UIP from the Canadian Society of Phlebology, with the preliminary results to be presented during their meeting this year. 

Dear Colleagues,
We are hoping you can take under 5 minutes to fill out a short survey concerning post-venous ablation management. What we do in practice immediately after treatment and list of restrictions we send patients away with relies on experience of the practitioner and very little evidence. We plan to present the initial results at the Canadian Society of Phlebology Congress on April 28, 2023 and prepare a manuscript on the subject. Your participation would be greatly appreciated and results will be sent to you by email. Please kindly complete the form by March 31,2023.

Best wishes,

Dr. Mandy Wong, Past-President of the Canadian Society of Phlebology
Dr. Douglas Hill, Present of the Canadian Society of Phlebology