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Monday, 19 December 2022

2022-24 Engagement Working Group (EWG)

Sergio Gianesini

The International Union of Phlebology (UIP) Engagement Working Group (EWG) is indeed a “working” entity made be active vein-lymphatic experts selected from all continents, with proper care in geographical and gender representation.
EWG is renewed every two years and on December 1 the new selection was announced.

A special recognition goes to all the members of the 2020-22 EWG who dedicated their time and expertise to assist vein-lymphatic global advancement at best. Their names and nations are reported herein, together with the newly selected members ones, to whom all the possible congratulations go as well.

A significant number of more than valuable applications for joining the EWG were received and it’s a UIP hope that all these talented colleagues will like to submit their projects proposals by means of the dedicated platform (

Personally, I’d like to deeply thank all the colleagues and friends who have served in the EWG, together with the Executive Director and the Executive Committee who have been so supportive toward the development of such working unit.

I have no doubts the UIP community will greatly enjoy the newly selected EWG future actions and I hope all the vein-lymphatic healthcare workers will like to reach out and collaborate with such a dynamic group. With this, I’m pleased to leave the chair position to dr. Chunga who surely deserves the position and to remain at disposal of everyone for keeping on demonstrating that
UIP starts with “U”.