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UIP Professionals got engaged

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

The UIP Engagement Working-Group call has enjoyed 38 spontaneous applications from all around the world.

The massive number testifies the UIP Societies Members will of actively engage in Phlebo-lymphology advancement projects. The UIP Executive Committee will select the 10 members following the regulation of at least 5 under 40 yo, at least 2 females, at least 3 health-professionals recently involved in phlebo-lymphology, at least 1 delegate per continent, at least 1 delegate from a developing country, at least 3 delegates with media communication skills.

The selection will be announced on December 20. The received CVs are all extremely valuable, thus, independently by the selection, all the applicants will be invited to teamwork with the UIP. Indeed, UIP remains at disposal of whoever is wishing to enhance Phlebolymphology advancement and, for this reason, we invite you not to hesitate to reach out for whatever proposal and/or need.