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Vale Dr Eugenio Brizzio

Friday, 24 July 2020

Dr. EUGENIO BRIZZIO was born in Buenos Aires on April 6th, 1938. He was an alumni of the National University of Buenos Aires (La Universidad de Buenos Aires), graduating in 1962. He sadly passed away August 24th, 2020, aged 82. He was a very passionate, kind and hard working doctor. He was a member of multiple societies and was known well for his work in Elastocompression.

As we know working as a Doctor is no easy task. It requires commitment, a lot of dedication and a big heart to want to help others. Making the lives of others better requires a very selfless person. Dr. Brizzio embodied these traits, working tirelessly to help his patients and others. He achieved so much during his time, from being the President of SAFYL during 1990-92, and was twice Vice President of the UIP From 1994-98 and 1998-2002. He did only his best to help out others, he will be missed. After years of dedication to help others he is finally having some rest, he is in a better place.