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Proposed UIP Constitutional Changes

In order to improve the lines of communication between the UIP Executive Committee (EC) and the UIP General Council (GC), the EC aims to release information about planned changes to the UIP Constitution here as soon as they are approved by the EC.

The UIP Executive have released a discussion paper to the General Council addressing potential issues with the UIP Constitution, and is seeking feedback from all parties on how they feels these issues should be addressed. 

This has been sent by email to UIP Member Societies. Any other interested parties, or any member society who may have missed this email may request access from the UIP Executive Director (

About the process of constitutional change

Since the UIP General Council Meeting in Krakow, the UIP has improved its process of reviewing constitutional change and informing its member societies.

A committee, known as the “UIP Constitutional Reform Committee”, comprising 3 members of the UIP EC, the UIP President and the UIP Executive Director review and approve all proposals for constitutional change. Once approved by this committee, approval is then sought from the EC. After this, feedback is sought from the member societies.

It is hoped that this process of obtaining feedback from member societies before a GC meeting will allow member societies to have a stronger voice into how changes to the UIP are made.