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UIPro 2024

The end of the year is a time of spontaneous inner sum-up of what we have been living in the past 12 months and of what we wish to enjoy in the following year.

U.I.Pro 2024 is a simple but meaningful initiative collecting what YOU wish from the same UIP for (PRO) a PROductive 2024.

It's the UIP mission to be at the phlebo-lymphology community best service, while wishing all the related vein-lymphatic patients and population a happy and meaningful 2024.

Feel free then to include a brief written personal wish and/or video message by clicking on the “+” icon below, reporting how the UIP can support you at best in the upcoming year, remembering to indicating your name, surname, nation and scientific society.

Looking forward for a 2024 that starts with YOU as the UIP starts indeed with "U", we invite you to use this page also to report your wishes to the same UIP, turning 65 yo this 2024, exactly on March 24


If it doesn't look quite right on your iOS device, you can also make your wish here.