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UIP Members Monthly Zoom


Next Meeting: 24 April, 2024 4PM Rome time. 

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Meeting ID: 889 1360 5824 Passcode: 916415

On behalf of all the International Union of Phlebology (UIP), I’d like to bring to all the healthcare professionals and the public attention the UIProject "Month 24" initiative.

UIP was founded on March 24, 1959 and in the following 64 years it has been surely succeeding in bringing the vein & lymphatic world together, counting now on 81 Scientific Societies from all continents.

If we want to understand our present, we must know the past that has taken us to our today. If we want to see our future, we must line up on our present actions.

In order to honor UIP March 24, 1959, every 24 of the month at 4 pm Rome time, myself and eventually available Executive Committee members will have an open to everyone zoom call where all the vein-lymphatic world and the public are invited to join to present their vision, ideas and eventual needs.

This glimpse of the current Phlebo-Lymphology around the world will provide the opportunity to analyze how the UIP can serve at best its member societies, while advocating for both colleagues and patients independently by their belonging or not to the UIP.

It’s the UIP hope that you will like to take part in this initiative, so to develop together “present actions” while looking together at the brightest future.

Pre-submitted topics for discussion will have precedence in the hour dedicated to this initiative: in case, feel free to send yours at

The zoom call will be recorded so to allow everyone to enjoy the content on demand in case.

Looking forward for demonstrating together that UIP starts with “U”, UIP looks forward for listening to “U” at this zoom link:

Zoom link
Meeting ID: 889 1360 5824 Passcode: 916415

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November 2023, UIProject "Month 24" report
On behalf of all the International Union of Phlebology, I’d like to deeply thank all the ones who joined live or on demand last November 24, in the occasion of the UIProject “Month 24”. Every 24 of the month, in honor of March 24, 1959, date in which UIP was founded, UIP opens its doors by means of a dedicated zoom, at 10 am NYC (4 pm Rome, 10 pm Bangkok).
The initiative provides the opportunity to explore how the UIP can serve at best the real necessities of the Phlebo-Lymphology world: in fact, the video conference call is open to whoever would like to provide her/his vision, needs, ideas and even criticism, as long as productive and expressed in an appropriate tone.
During the November 24 call the following important topics where discussed:
1) enhancement of African interaction for Phlebo-Lymphology local practice growth
2) multi-specialty reach-out at local and global level
3) importance of real institutional certificates versus bombastic but not meaningful recognitions
4) promotion of thrombotic risk assessment knowledge and availability of multiple educational tools
5) Silk Road project for enhancement of Eur-Asia and Africa interaction
6) Inclusion of the word “World” in the UIP re-branding for highlighting its global reach-out.
We have been honored by the spontaneous attendance of Prof. Caprini who needs no introduction as top world-renowned figure in the vascular community. We have all being inspired by his opening and closing remark and we would like to highlight the many educational tools available in his website ( The initiative has also provided the chance to present the highlights of what UIP has done in the last month.
Among many other actions, the creation of working groups for Academic & Institutional activities, for Multi-specialty synergy, for Advocacy and for Public Awareness and Reach Out. Moreover, UIP has set the 4 pillars projects for the creation of 4 documents of phlebo-lymphology appropriateness and it has initiated also MOU with different international multi-specialty organizations for enhancing promotion of vein-lymphatic care in all sectors.
Interesting updates on UIP 2025 Buenos Aires and UIP 2027 Tblisi Georgia World Congresses were provided, together with all the meetings under auspices features. A tutorial on how to proceed with the membership fees was delivered as well. The on-demand is available in the dedicated webpage, including the zoom link for the upcoming December 24 gathering, where we hope you will like to demonstrated that indeed UIP starts with “U”.
Meeting ID: 889 1360 5824 Passcode: 916415
For whatever need, please do not hesitate to reach out ( ; t. 00393498012304) 
Sergio Gianesini, MD PhD FACS
t. +393498012304

UIP 2023-2027 President
October 2023